Episode 152: The Dark McConaissance | The Dark Tower Review

Episode 152: The Dark McConaissance: Tyler starts off the episode by discussing the new Netflix series Friends from College.  Pat also shares his thoughts on a television series The Wire.  The Nerds then move on to their weekly comic book spotlight; Tyler: Dead of Winter/Pat: TMNT Dimension X.  Tyler leads the discussion of the latest Nerd News.  The Nerds then give their thoughts on the new film The Dark Tower! They end this episode with a Nerd Favorite…favorite Idris Elba performance?




-What We are Into: 8:25-19:52
-Comics: 19:52-29:55
-Nerd News: 29:55-39:32
-Dark Tower Review: 39:32-1:07
-Nerd Favorite: 1:07-1:09

Nerd News:

Karate Kid Sequel Coming to YouTube Red (Chris Morris, Fortune)

“YouTube is counting on the nostalgia factor to win premium customers away from Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu.” READ MORE

New Game of Thrones episode leak wasn’t part of HBO hack (Tom Warren, The Verge)

“An unaired episode of Game of Thrones appeared on the internet early this morning.” READ MORE

Iron Man’s Obadiah Stane Originally Survived, Says Bridges (Jason Cohen, CBR)

“A film’s script can change dramatically before it gets to the big screen,  and Jeff Bridges clued us into how Iron Man could have had a completely different ending.” READ MORE

NBC Is Interested in Reviving ‘The Office’, ’30 Rock’, ‘The West Wing’ & More (Ethan Anderton, Slashfilm)

“This year NBC is bringing back the fan favorite sitcom Will & Grace for a new season, and they’re so happy with the proceedings that they’ve already ordered a second season of more episodes.” READ MORE

Chiwetel Ejiofor in Talks to Voice Scar in Jon Favreau’s ‘The Lion King’ (Ben Pearson, Slashfilm)

“The cast of Iron Man director Jon Favreau‘s new take on Disney’s The Lion King keeps getting better and better.” READ MORE