Let’s Play What Remains of Edith Finch – Episode 3 *Walter Finch*

What’s up Nerds!? Welcome to Episode 3 of our walkthrough of What Remains of Edith Finch. Pat, from The Nerds You’re Looking For podcast, continues his quest to figure this weird (in the best way) game out. In this video, he plays through Walter Finch’s story!




Pat’s Gaming Journal: Star Wars Battlefront II

Developer: EA (boo!) DICE

Platform: Xbox One

Completion Date: 1/09/2018

Completion Time: 12hrs 23mins (Solo-Campaign and Resurrection DLC)

So I have to admit from the top, this is a weird game to start off this new series with. After the dissapointment that was the first Battlefront game, I tried to keep my expectations in check for the next installment. However, being the huge Star Wars fan that I am, that task proved to be too difficult and I found myself preordering this game once I heard the news that a solo-campaign would be included. Unfortunately, like so many gamers, I was appalled by the gameplay advantages that players could obtain by purchasing loot boxes. After much consideration I decided to cancel my preorder. However, I still wanted to play the aforementioned campaign, so I decided to instead rent it from GameFly. So here we are.

As a silent protest I didn’t play any multiplayer matches for this game, so this will be strictly a review of the solo-campaign. The big selling point, other than the fact it was a Star Wars game and I’m brand loyal, for me was the fact you get to play as an Imperial Special Forces Officer. That isn’t something you see in many Star Wars games. Unfortunately that felt like a bait-n-switch because it doesn’t last long. To make matters worse, the way in which the story “switches sides” feels forced. Also instead of focusing on telling the best story the writers could tell, the story felt like a Star Wars “Greatest Hits” album. The story begins during the events of The Return of the Jedi and, if you play the Resurrection DLC, end with the beginning of Episode 8. I think the game would’ve been better served to pick a period and stick with it instead of trying to tell a short story in the span of decades. Which leads me to my next point, the solo-campaign is too short. To feel like I got my “money’s worth” (I know that I didn’t actually pay for this game) with a Triple A title, the campaign needs to be AT LEAST 10 hours long. As you can see by my Completion Time above, Battlefront II barely hit that threshold and that’s including the aforementioned DLC. To add insult to injury, the load screens were unbelievablely long so that CT is probably pretty generous. The main reason the story felt so short was because the gameplay itself was incredibly easy. The entire game was essentially a Star Wars “hack-n-slash.” It was just a series of running into a room, shooting a group of 10-15 Rebels or Stormtroppers…rinse and repeat. You never feel like you are really ever in danger because your health regenerates, so if you need to you could just hide and wait for your health bar to regenerate then continue shooting. That being said, the starship battles were very cool, but even those felt tired by the end of the campaign.

In conclusion, despite being better by default than the first Battlefront game due to the inclusion of a solo-campaign, Star Wars Battlefront II fails to deliver a solid story mode even though it is set in the greatest film universe ever built.


(2.5 / 5)