Episode 135: The Anime Nerds Podcast | Ghost in the Shell Review

Episode 135: The Anime Nerds Podcast: Tyler starts off the episode by discussing his thoughts on Life.  Pat shares his thoughts on the new season of the Netflix comedy Love.  The Nerds then move on to their weekly comic book spotlight; Tyler: CA: Steve Rodgers/Pat: Dark Knight III: Book Eight. Tyler leads the discussion of the latest Nerd News.  The Nerds then give their thoughts on the new film Ghost in the Shell! They end this episode with a Nerd Favorite…favorite Scar Jo performance?




-What We are Into: 2:46-13:36
-Comics: 13:36-22:33
-Nerd News: 22:33-34:21
-Ghost in the Shell Review: 34:21-48:49
-Nerd Favorite: 48:49-52:44


Nerd News:

Joss Whedon to Direct New ‘Batgirl’ Movie (Ryan Reed, Rolling Stone)

“Joss Whedon is directing the first-ever standalone Batgirl film.”  READ MORE

IT Trailer 2017 Movie – Official

Spider-Man: Homecoming – Official Trailer 2 [HD]

JUSTICE LEAGUE Trailer 2 (2017)




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