Episode 146: Another Explicit Pixar Ep | Pixar Retrospective Part I

Episode 146: Another Explicit Pixar Ep: Tyler starts off the episode by discussing the new TJ Miller comedy special Meticulously Ridiculous.  Pat shares his thoughts on the Netflix television series GLOW.  The Nerds then move on to their weekly comic book spotlight; Tyler: Reborn/Pat: Darth Vader.  Tyler leads the discussion of the latest Nerd News.  The Nerds then give their thoughts on the first 9 Pixar films! They end this episode with a Nerd Favorite…favorite Pixar character?





-What We are Into: 6:32-20:26
-Comics: 20:26-28:54
-Nerd News: 28:54-38:50
-Pixar Retro: 38:50-1:21
-Nerd Favorite: 1:21-1:24

Nerd News:

Geoff Johns And Patty Jenkins Working On WONDER WOMAN 2 (SIDDHANT ADLAKHA, BirthMoviesDeath)

Wonder Woman kicked ass. A sorely-needed triumph for the DCEU that proved there’s some gas left in the tank, and for all intents and purposes, a victory for women in studio filmmaking.” READ MORE

Oscar legend Daniel Day-Lewis retiring from acting (Zoha Qamar, CNN)

“Actor Daniel Day-Lewis has officially announced his retirement.” READ MORE

Star Wars Han Solo Directors Lord and Miller Were Reportedly Fired for Improvisational Style (Hunter Harris, Vulture)

“Now that Ron Howard has taken the reins of the untitled Star Wars Han Solo movie, we’re free to speculate on why exactly Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired.” READ MORE





Injustice 2 Achievement Guide | Going Ape, Dr. Fate-Ality, and Would you Like Some Crumpets w/ That?

Pat, from The Nerds You’re Looking For podcast, tries to get a few achievements, including one “rare” achievement, on Injustice 2 on Xbox One!



End of an Era

I had two things happen to me within a week of each other. First I turned 30 years old. Second I went to see Cars 3 by myself. Those two things may seem unrelated, but I realized something that everyone has to come to terms with at some point in their lives…I’m too old to see an animated film by myself in the theater.

I love the animated genre and I have no problem with seeing films by yourself in a theater (that’s a post for a later date). However, the optics of a grown man sitting by himself in a crowded theater filled with little children is now too awkward for me to bear.

I understand that I shouldn’t care about what other people think. I know that I’m just there to enjoy the film, but when I can hear a mother discussing me like I’m not sitting right there is just too much.

So here’s what happened…my local theater just upgraded to better recliners and the ability to purchase your exact seat beforehand. On this night I had bought seat G9, but when I arrived there were several small children sitting in G10-whatever. That prompted me to go rogue and sit in G8 instead of sitting right next to a little kid. I just prayed that nobody purchased G8. Thankfully the rest of the row was empty. At about 6:58 (the film started at 7), I thought I had lucked out. However, just after I had that thought a group of kids and their mother came into the theater and where do you think they sat? You guessed it, in the G row. The kids were a bit awkward picking their seats so I assumed one of them was supposed to sit next to me, but none of them did. A minute later their grandmother (I’m assuming of course…I didn’t ask 🙂) came in to sit down. The mother said to her, “can you sit over there (pointing towards me), nobody wants to sit next to THAT guy?” She gave exactly zero fucks that I could easily hear her.

I know it wasn’t a HUGE deal, but it just pissed me off that she made such a big deal out of it. It just made me feel even more awkward than I already felt. I do know that my wife is mos def coming with me next week to see Despicable Me 3!